Havyaka Bangalore...
Havyaka Bangalore is a community group formed by people from havyaka community in Bangalore. The group intends to establish a communication net among all Havyakas on the internet. We intend to make this a one-stop-portal for all information related to Havyaka Community. The group would also serve as a forum to discuss, debate socio-economic-cultural issues related to the community. The group aims to preserve, promote, breed art, culture, tradition,life-style, unique to Havyaka Community.This website is an attempt to showcase glimpse of life-style, culture, tradition, personalities and contributions of the community.
We also intend to provide a platform for all Havyaka friends to seek information, help and assistance from other people in the community.
Those who are interested in joining 'Havyaka Bangalore' group can send mail to

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